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The Colony is a base-building, team-based, first person shooter that places you in the world of an ant. Together with fellow colony members you will scavenge for food, build your base, evolve your abilities, take over territory, and battle against other nearby ant colonies for dominance of the yard!

Once a match is started, players are placed in either a red or blue ant colony; one player on each side will be chosen to be the Queen. The objective of the game is destroy the other colony's Queen.

Each team shares in the progress of their teammates through the use of Colony Points, which are awarded for placing food in a Colony Pile (placed by Queen) or by taking control of large food objectives like the Apple Core or Cherry through your pheromone ability. Colony points are awarded evenly throughout your team and can be spent at the shopkeeper ants (also placed by the Queen) for additional armor, weapons, and items.

This game is meant to be played with multiple players online (ideally 5v5) but if you find yourself wanting to play with significantly less players, we've provided an easy level-up hotkey (F8) for this demo to allow full access to the abilities and progression one would encounter in a real match.

We've provided a couple in-game instructions to introduce you to how to play the game including the game objectives, game controls, accessing the game server, and how to start a match. Pressing Enter will toggle these instructions when you are in a match. It's recommended to wait until all players have connected and are in-game before starting a match.

Furthermore, it's recommended you check out a special video we made for this submission that outlines the basic features and gameplay you will encounter. Link: https://youtu.be/Q_PNtqniM_E

A complete list of our devlog videos can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXgcZgvEwqQ&index=3&list=PLkFTQ4kyQL_yHpdGi5p9m9VccroRydZyd

Our Official Website: https://thecolonygame.com/

Our Press Kit: https://thecolonygame.com/press-kit/

There's bound to be bugs (both the real and computer kind) and should you find yourself stuck, try shutting down the game via task manager and reloading. If the server unexpectedly fails are you are unable to connect, feel free to email us directly (thecolonygame@gmail.com) and we can manually restart it for you.

Thanks for trying our game!

-The Colony Dev Team


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